Thursday, March 3, 2011

I heart the Good Will!

I did It!!! I found it! It was just sitting there and I almost passed it by. I think I heard music in my head when i saw it! I know I uttered some kind of nonsense to myself  (which was unconsciously done) and then I grabbed it! 

Isn't it beautiful... My friend Ali over at My Third true love 
Found one at a flea market and I thought " Well since I never go to flea markets I probably won't find one " Very negative! I must have been having a bad day, hehehe...

Well I found this beautiful Three tiered platter at the goodwill, you know the new one I was raving about the other day.

I know It's not really silver but who cares? I love it!

 I picked up this tray too, well let's just say it's not my style.
I WILL be painting it soon. Not sure what color yet, I think it'll look great on my coffee table.


1 comment:

Ali Richardson said...

GREAT finds!!! I know you'll love using that 3-tiered stand for lots and lots of stuff! Yay for thrifty finds!