Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I heart Estate sales!

My dear bloggie friend Ali over At My third true love  gave me this site, It tells you about all the estate sales in your area, I am hooked! Thanks Ali, hahaha.

I haven't really bought anything big, just little odds and ends. The best deals are on the last day of the sale, thing's are usually marked down to 50-75%!

Here's a few goodies I picked up on my first trip.

 Great vintage napkins

 I have a thing for handmade doilies, i can't help it!
Maybe I need an intervention, hahaha.

 I picked up these really old, glass herb jars

For my new spice rack.

 I found these little pig cut outs, It's just screaming" make me into a chalkboard!"

So I did...

 And last but not least...My favorite!
crocheted clothes hanger!

I got two whole boxes for $2! I love them! I love that someone spent so much time, doing something they loved by making them. And now they sit in my closet. 

Great buys!