Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new year , new outlook!

So if you haven't noticed I haven't noticed, I haven't posted to this blog in some time now, boohoo!Oh how i have missed you. I had some pretty big hiccups in the past few months.

My mother who had a liver transplant four years ago, started rejecting. Big problem! She had been in and out of the hospital since thanksgiving. So needless to say Christmas was really hard, but thank God we made it happen and she was home for Christmas and new years. It was an absolute miracle!
I'm already pretty healthy but Being around so many sick people and hearing about all the health issues, Has put a new passion in me to be more consistent with my families eating habits.

I'm so looking forward to this new year! I feel so much expectancy, and
first on my list is healthy eating!

And get back to blogging!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Eats!

I know I said I would post Pumpkin recipes , but I couldn't resist this one!
Sweet potato and black bean empanada's, They are savory and delish!

Whenever fall comes around, I crave empanada's. My grandma made them from scratch every year and the passion has passed to me.

So I love to try different flavors and textures. I found this one over at 
Naturally Ella, it's super healthy too.

 Add some rice and beans and your set!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pumpkin eats!

Pumpkin season is almost here!You know what that means, We'll all be out to our favorite pumpkin patches soon, yay! I'm a little fanatical about pumpkin patches. I pretty much spend the entire month of October at my local pumpkin farm, hahaha.

Last year A friend of mine asked if I had been to the pumpkin patch yet? To which I replied with a hardy laugh... Are you kidding!?!
She didn't get it. 

It's funny to me how people go to pick out a pumpkin and leave it out on the front porch till it rots and then just throw it out.
People were so surprised to find out that I actually Cook my pumpkins and yummy food the whole season long, and if there's a pumpkin that for some reason doesn't get used, like the one we carve... You can throw it out in the yard and let it sit. If you put some compost on it you might just get your own patch next year!
So in honor of pumpkin season, I'll be posting great ideas for that wonderful orange squash we all know and love! Here's my first find.

I found this delish recipe over at Cookies & cups 
Fancy Shmancy Krispies !
Can't wait to try these! Head over to cookies and Cups and try these!
Let me know what'cha think.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I heart Estate sales!

My dear bloggie friend Ali over At My third true love  gave me this site, It tells you about all the estate sales in your area, I am hooked! Thanks Ali, hahaha.

I haven't really bought anything big, just little odds and ends. The best deals are on the last day of the sale, thing's are usually marked down to 50-75%!

Here's a few goodies I picked up on my first trip.

 Great vintage napkins

 I have a thing for handmade doilies, i can't help it!
Maybe I need an intervention, hahaha.

 I picked up these really old, glass herb jars

For my new spice rack.

 I found these little pig cut outs, It's just screaming" make me into a chalkboard!"

So I did...

 And last but not least...My favorite!
crocheted clothes hanger!

I got two whole boxes for $2! I love them! I love that someone spent so much time, doing something they loved by making them. And now they sit in my closet. 

Great buys!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Chalk baord hevan!

If You know me at all, you know I love, love, love  chalkboards! I love making them, giving them away, and making more, hahaha. My house is full of them. If there is a possibility that something can be turned into a chalkboard you better believe I'm doing it!
With that said...I found a new site I wanted to share, You may know about it.

They also carry a lg assortment of oil cloth items, which I also love.
That's all...
Have a blessed weekend and happy 4th!