Friday, March 25, 2011

Mr. Man party tie tutorial

"Whatch'a doing Mr.Man" is such a cute theme for a little Boy's first Birthday!
One of My creative Besties decided on a Mr.Man party for Her little Guy.

I was all over it! You couldn't keep me away with a ten foot pole, LOL! I love planning parties form start to finish.
So I decided to Make Carter some "Man" Ties, to go with his new mustache 
J /K.

 I love these prints, I wish I had a boy....Maybe someday.

I started out with a template that my husband made for me, Then doubled the fabric and traced on the back side of the print.

 Then you'll need to stitch along the outline.

 Make sure to leave the top of the tie open, That is where you will turn it right side out. Then cut off the excess fabric.

 Then turn right sideout

 Use a pencil or something to poke all the edges out and iron for a more finished look.

To finish in off I sewed on elastic to go round the neck,  this way Carter can ware His ties with any shirt and not lose them. Okay I know this might not seem safe,  but If your child is waring one of these, Your obviously not going to let him hook him self up to anything, make sure to use a soft elastic for this project too.

Anyhoo, These were so much fun to make! I think I'm gonna make some for my girls, How cute would pink poke-a-dot ties be for girl!
Loves It!

P.s. I'll be posting pictures from the party next!


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Ali Richardson said...

SO adorable!!! Yes, make girly ones for sure. So cute!