Monday, March 21, 2011

Mini chalk board frame

So if You know anything about me, you know I HEART Chalk boards! I have 7 in my house ( just a Little obsessed ) I love that I can write the random thought that fly through My head down in what ever room of my house I'm standing in. That is very valuable to a mom that home schools.

Chalk board 1. Kitchen( all my household task's, what I'm cooking, shopping list, etc. )

Chalk board 2. The kids easel( usually in the kitchen to assist with school work or in the playroom for circle time )

chalk board 3. play room ( this one is in the shape of a giant butterfly on the wall. I use it to post our daily routine )

Chalk board 4. living room coffee table( I love to write little welcome messages to guest,  love notes to my family, count downs to a holiday,  keep score for games we play or just let the kids go for it)

Chalk board  5. My Girl's bedroom door ( I like to write prayers for them on it or encouraging things about them or any kind of reminders )

Chalk board 6. My craft room ( I painted the side of my filing cabinet with chalk board paint and because it already metal it's magnetic too! I like to write down bible verses that inspire me ) 
Chalk board 7. In My bedroom ( Okay I think this is the newest addition to the bunch and it's sooooo cute! I write love notes to my hubby, it's okay you can say it, everyone together....Awwwwe! I know it's sweet )

Just so He won't forget....


My next chalk board creation will be for outside, I need one for all My gardening thoughts.


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Ali Richardson said...

CUTE!!! I too love chalk boards. The one in my kitchen gets used non-stop!