Monday, February 28, 2011

Coffee cutness Tutorial !

So I have seen some different knitted coffee cup sleeves here and there in blog land. I thought they were so cute but I'm not much of a knitter. One of My bff's Birthdays was coming up and I know she would appreciate this as a gift because she's a big coffee and tea drinker. 

So I thought I'd try...

First I Measured my felt around a coffee cup I had. 

 Then cut out my bird.

I Sewed on the eye and beak.Well I glued on the beak and the body It was just faster that way. 

I hand stitched the edges for a more finished look. Hand stitching is so relaxing... It reminds me of my Grandmother.

Then sewed on my button on one end.

I sewed on a small piece of elastic on the back side, I had to cover up the stitch. So I used some twine I had.  

 This is what i looks like from the back, The elastic catches the button.

 The finished product! Loves It!!!
More importantly Drea Loved it!

  And She had a great Birthday!!!
Love you Dre!

I'm linked here! 
Tip Junkie handmade projects


Give Away!!!!

Woo hoo!!!
I'm so happy for my fellow blogging friend Ali over at " My third true love" She has hit 100 followers and gone through the roof! In celebration of this Joyful event we our giving stuff away!

I'm so happy to be giving away one of my handmade Strawberry tee's and a sweet pea baby Beanie. 

Ali will be giving more goodies away through out the week so head over and see who you can win HERE !

Good Luck!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Feature Friday!

Hello Every one! It's FRIDAY!!! I had Big plans for my garden this weekend but according to the rain poring down my window that's not going to happen, hahaha Oh well.

My feature this week isn't a blog, but a party. A friend of mine is having Her first baby boy. I thought the set up was stunning so here it is!
 I love the Height of the tiers, it's such a massive table. 
It all works so well. 


 My wonderfully creative Friend Michelle over at My cupcakery  Made this amazing cake! Check out Her blog to find out more on How she created this beauty.

 Love the mini airplanes!

Love this shower!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Feature Friday!

Ahhhh... Friday!!! I always try to make Friday evenings fun for the Family, Whether we play a game, get take out, watch a movie or eat ice cream. Nothing big just a small celebration that our family made it through another week without killing each other hahaha! JUST KIDDING! 

No Really it's exciting for all of us that Daddy will be home all weekend and we can eat breakfast together and we can take a break from homeschooling.

Anyhoo, Let me stop my rambling and introduce A very talented Blogging friend of mine. 

I'm Proud to introduce Ali from  My Third ture love , But you've probably already heard of Her because She is incredibly creative and has been featured on many Blogs.

She Has a Love for Antiquing where ever she can find a flea Market, and Has Her own etsy Shop Where She makes the cutest Jewelry!

So stop by and Give Ali some love! Ali and I will Be holding a Giveaway When she hit 100 Followers! So Don't be Scerred to be a follower !


All Tangled up party!

Last month Madie and I were invited a friend of ours birthday party. I was really surprised to see that the theme was " tangled " Since it was so new. My friend Robyn had to improvise a little but she did such a great job on this party, I just had to share it!

  First the Girls Got pampered In this beautiful enchanted garden living room.

 I love the Kissing balls

 Each girl got Her hair, nails, and make up done

And Look Who showed up!


Candy Necklace's

 The girls got to dip their own strawberries and decorate them.


 More games

 We finished the party off with Cake and sparkling Raspberry cream punch!

Thank you Robyn and Kylie for the best princess party ever!