Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Spring!!!!

Happy Spring Everyone!!!!

In honor of spring I will be writing this post in pretty springy colors.
Yes I don't know what it is about spring and Easter but I go nuts planning for all the get together's, BBQ, summer camp outs, mother's and fathers day etc. 

And Easter! Don't even get me started! I am grateful everyday that Jesus Christ Died on the cross for me. But The whole month of Easter, I'm filled with joy! It's just a wonderful time to reflected and be amazed at how much We are loved by Heaven!

Anyhoo, I've started my small garden and I 'm getting the yard ready for all the fun we are going to have in Our back yard this year now that we are homeschooling full time. We just got a sand box and next we are putting in a tree swing!

Here's some of our spring time projects 

Bird Feeder


Egg Carton planter

What Are some of your Spring projects?

I wanna See picture, Pretty please!


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By the Bluegrass said...

Oh, I love the egg carton planter. I know my kids would love that. I have a spring project/recipe on my current post.