Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home made compost bin

I Started my Home made organic garden a few weeks ago and it has been such a joy! There is just something amazingly fulfilling about working something with your own two hands. 
You take more pride in your work and put more value and tlc in it. It is a great why to teach your family to work together and what the fruits of your labor grow ( Literally)

I want to keep My garden Organic to save money, So I decided to make my own compost bin. 

It was sooooo Easy and It's great if you want to teach you kids about Earth science and recycling (home school moment) 

So Here's what you'll will need:

One plastic bin 
I had this one sitting in My garage

Make sure To wash it out

 You'll need a drill, I guess you could use a hammer and nail but that would take Forever and you will probably get frustrated and give up. So try to use a drill.

 Drill in lots of holes because compost needs air.

 The easiest rule of thumb is to mix in equal parts green stuff and brown stuff
Green stuff could be grass clipping or green leafs . Brown stuff could be dead  leafs

 You can add newspaper too. You'll want to add a layer of dirt as well. You throw in a few worms if you want to help out the process.

Last but not least... Food! You can add any can of organic matter to your compost bin. Any kind of fruit or veggie pealing. Any fruits or veggies that have rotted in your fridge any whole wheat bread or oatmeal. Egg shells, coffee grounds. Just so long as there is no meat, oil, or dairy in your pile. If you've added milk to you oatmeal , Your not going to want to use it. Meat and dairy will smell really bad when it decomposes.

You'll want to turn your bin every few weeks.

Most people think that compost piles smell and that you need lots of land to make one, well let me bust that myth. No they don't smell as long as you put the right things in them.

No you Don't need a lot of land at all. I have a little garden and this bin is just the right size for My yard .

Make sure to keep your bin moist and keep the lid on at night so you can keep city critters out of the bin.

Now this was just a starter lesson, If you want to know what to do next there are plenty of great tutorials on you tube! Here's a good one !  

So I hope composting isn't intimidating anymore, and remember compost is not just for veggie gardens, it's great for your flowers too ! Use what you have laying around your yard and kitchen instead of spending money on stinky fertilizers.

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