Tuesday, August 31, 2010

road side score 2

Okay this is the last frame I scored from my friends aunt.
This feels a little bitter sweet, on the one hand this means I can go thrift store hunting for new frames again. On the other hand this mean I have to go out and look for new frames again, hahaha!

Not that I don't love the hunt, It's just not that fun with screaming kids trying to jump out of the cart.
Anyhoo all good things must come to an end I guess.

I saw this really cute frame wreath on a link party, I feel really bad because I can't find the blog again to give credit where credit is due, sorry...
I decided to make one, It really is a great idea. You can change it with the seasons and it's just a cool alternative to the more traditional wreath.

Here go's...
This is what I started out with

 I took the frame apart and layed out the glass part of the frame. I took some left burlap I had and measured it out to be about an inch bigger then the glass. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Next I hot glued the burlap to the glass...

just flip it over...

Here are some fabric flowers I made but you can use what ever decorations you want...

I took the frame out side, i used bin primer ...

After the primer dried, I used a little black and brown paint and a dry old cloth to the frame. Just to make it look like I used a glaze. 

Then I put it all together...

I used A string of blue beads to hang the frame but you can use ribbon. This was a really easy project. A great way to unwind while the kids were napping!

I didn't mod podge anything because I'm sure I'll be changing the lettering in two or three weeks when fall gets here!
Can't wait!

Hope you enjoyed!

I linked up here

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Give Away!!!!!!

"Thanks for the love" week is almost over... I know, so sad. 
No worries though, we still have a great giveaway! Kristen at 3 Little Birds boutique was so gracious to give away a pair of her creamy freshwater pearl earnings.

You can enter multiple times!
So here's how you enter...

1. Like 3 little birds boutique on Facebook, then leave a comment.

2. like Strawberry Sky's on facebook, then leave a comment          

3. follow 3 little birds blog, then come back and leave a comment

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If you already like or follow Strawberry sky's Just leave us a comment on facebook or our blog about your favorite Strawberry sky's product and why you like it!   

So you can enter up to 5 times. cool huh?

Don't forget to come back here and leave a message or leave a message on our facebook page. The winner will be announced Tuesday Aug. 31st!
 Good luck!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

road side score!

My friends Aunt was moving the other week, she was getting rid of a number of random items but something did get my attention...

I can't get enough frames! Old, new, ugly, elegant. It doesn't matter because I'm going to transform them any ways. I picked up four frames and couldn't wait to get started!

Here's what I made and how to make it, enjoy!

Here's the frame, I didn't paint it because it looks good all on it's own.

I decided to make a grace frame like the faith frame I made with the $1 store find. 
I used cut out letters from my friends circut again, but you can use pre-cut die cut letters like these
This is the paper i used.

I measured the matting...
Then cut the printed paper to be my center mat...

you can use double sided tape..
Then I pulled out the chalks for some shading...

As I was shading I realized there needed to be more texture. So I used decorative scissors and shaded some more.

 Next I mod podged the letters on to the mat...

Then just put it all together.

It came out so pretty, Hope this inspired you!


Monday, August 23, 2010

We have a guest!

I'm so excited to introduce Our " Thanks for the love week" to thank all of our Facebook Fan's. 102 And counting!

I'm also pleased to introduce a blog pal of mine. Kristen from 3 little Birds Boutique has created an inspirational line of hand crafted jewelery. She is also a wife, mommy and well she'll tell you
here she is...

Hi! I’m Kristen, designer and owner of 3 Little Birds Boutique. I am also lovingly referred to as mom and wife by my sweet baby girl Kailey and wonderful hubby Derek. In the wee hours of the night, when most are sleeping, I create custom hand stamped jewelry, keepsakes and hand crafted paper products. I have such a passion for everything creative and feel so blessed to be involved in helping people create custom pieces they will cherish and pass down for generations.

I am so excited to be Strawberry Sky’s guest blogger to celebrate 100 fans – Yippee! In honor of you, her adoring fans, I will be giving away a FREE pair of sterling silver creamy freshwater pearl earrings. I hope to get to know all of you and would love for you to follow my blog www.blog3littlebirdsboutique.com where I offer loads of creative ideas, freebies and giveaways. Earlier this month I offered a tutorial on an adorable personalized journal and Sarah and I thought it would be fun to share it with you here. Enjoy!

Make Your Own Journal

I just love decorating these little composition books, I never run out of reasons to make them. They make a perfect gift or thank you, would be perfect to make kids schoolwork a bit more fun and they make a wonderful journal. For the above journal, follow these simple steps:

1. Gather your supplies from your local craft store (composition journal, 4 pieces of scrapbook paper - 2 are for the front and 2 are for the inside cover so pick them accordingly, glue - Zip Dry brand glue is a must for this project to keep bubbles from forming, scissors, and any decorations you might want - this project uses 1 K initial in glitter chipboard)
2. Apply your Zip Dry glue to the face of your composition journal (do not put glue on the spine of your journal). Make sure that the glue gets to the very edges of the journal.
3. Next take your scrapbook paper and place it onto the glue on your composition journal lining it up along the spine of the journal. At this point your paper will greatly stick over the edge of your journal.
4. Now, turn your journal over, open the front page and trim off the extra paper by cutting right up against the edge of your journal.
5. For the backside and 2 inside covers of your journal repeat steps 2-4.
6. Add your initial or other decoration of choice.

Below are 2 examples of composition journals I made for my blog writing and my Hubby. For these examples, cut a strip wide enough to cover the entire spine of the book and glue it down after the front and back covers are glued down but before the decorations are added. Next, let your imagination go wild and decorate. Have a blast! 

Hope you enjoyed this great tutorial!
We will be featuring Kristen's great giveaway Tuesday August 24th so stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Girl!

We recently added Birthday party Packs To our line up of products, order 3 or more tutu's and get a 20 % discount!  I wasn't sure if I was going to have any takers, but much to my surprise I got an order!
Our "Girls Just wanna have fun " event was so successful that the word got out and We had our first Birthday Party Order. 6 Tutu's, all different sizes and colors.

It was so cute when one of the girls requested something special made for her tutu. She had specific colors in mind, green,blue & purple. I used green, glitter turquoise, and purple. 
It looked great! We called it "under the sea" because it looked like something the little mermaid would ware.


As for our Birthday Girl, She had a great day in her Fairytale pink tutu at the spa with family and friends!

Each birthday Girl get a birthday card and treat from us...

Spa day!

  Happy Birthday!
to another happy customer...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Give Away!!!!!!

 My wonderful Friend Kristen from 3 Little Birds Boutique is having a Giant Give Away!
She makes the most beautiful Jewelery and is such a creative person.
I met here on Martha Stewarts Dreams to Doer's , it's so refreshing to meet some passionate about creating!
So check out this give away, I almost want to enter but I would much rather have my readers win!

 Here are the details of the prize:

This ultimate gift of grace giveaway includes:
hand stamped sterling silver grace necklace with a creamy freshwater pearl
matching sterling silver creamy freshwater pearl earrings
the entire 4pc philosophy gift of grace collection:
16-oz 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath
8-oz body emulsion
4-oz hand cream
2-oz eau de parfum
all packaged in the beautiful grace box pictured above with a meaningful quote printed on the inside

So check out the link above!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Faith Frame

I Had this $1 Store Frame Lying Around, I really Didn't Have a picture I wanted to use for it
So I thought... Project? 

Nothing big, just something to get my creative juices flowing for the day.

I knew I wanted to do something to remind me of how I got this whole business thing started, Something to get me going everyday. FAITH was the word ! So I used my friends cricit and cut out the word faith in some left over scrapbook paper I had.

Then I ran out of modge podge , can you imagine!

   It's okay I pulled out old faithful, glue gun.
 Next I glued the letters to the backing of the frame. It worked out perfectly, I wanted to use a burlap back round but to my surprise the backing already had a cool looking texture!

I just glued on a sweet pea bow I had and now this beautiful reminder sits in my studio, it's where I started and how I continue!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Night Owl Tuesday

So it's not exactly 10 o'clock yet, but i wanted to turn in early tonight. I found the cutest idea over at Creative Juices , three fabulous sister run this blog and it is chalk full of creativeness. Anyhoo Kelli made a stylish Budget book. It's so cute it just make you want to pay the bills, which is not always the funnest part of the day!

Don't stay up too late...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Road Trip!

My wonderful friend Christina was asked to Speak at a youth conference in Visalia Ca last week. I was thrilled when she asked me to come because I would have hid in her car to get there anyways! It was only for one night but I didn't care, Do you think I would turn down a full nights sleep without  kids waking me up for the 100th time! Needless to say, I was so there!

I could not have been prouder of my friend, She has come a long way and God has blesses Her life. To see her share her amazing testimony with all those teens was, well you just had to be there! We had so much fun from the moment we set off.
  Perfect timing! 

We lived off of starbucks, hot cheetos, and red vines for the remained of the trip
We are so healthy!

The grape vine is so pretty...

I crashed when we got to the hotel...

On our way to the event!

There she is! All grown up and telling kids about Jesus!

 What can I say about this picture...
Okay it was a busy day, we were crazy tired, it was late and we were hungry ( have you ever noticed the  word hungry and angry are almost spelled the same way!) hahaha! I get a little grouchy when I'm hungry...
So yeah, Why not, why not look like dork's.
Anyhoo, I had such a great time! What could be better then one of my best friends and I ,in a car for 10 hours round trip! We had to have said at lease 100,000 words or more in conversation!