Friday, October 29, 2010

Time to Revamp my mom cave!

I am sooooo excited about home goods new Mom cave giveaway!!!
Really I'm beaming with joy!
I heard about this over at Between Naps on the porch and I have been dreaming about winning ever since.
This is like my favorite store, imagine winning a shopping spree!
So what would i buy....


Homemade Harvest Goody bags

My Little Madie had her costume party at school this week.
She looked adorable as always...
I love to send her to school with things that not every other child is going to bring from target or wal-mart, but I understand that I would throw away anything "homemade" looking if I didn't know the person that made it. 
So I Made these cute and very simple goody bags for her to pass out as I enjoyed a cup of cider, that usually doesn't happen. There is usually a kid or two hanging from my back when i try to do anything, hahaha!
 But that day my hubby was home...

 Hot cider makes everything more enjoyable, even laundry!

Here they are! I just used sandwich baggies from the $ store ,fall scrapbook paper,and my sewing machine to make the zigzag stitch.

BTW... If you didn't know that you can sew paper, you can!
It really adds a great detail to any paper craft!  

Kinda blurry, sorry! I so need a new camera, but thank you Jesus for the one I have!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mommies Night Out!

 About a year ago I started hanging out with some amazing girls from church. We are all married and mommies, so we get together once a month to just hang out, eat, and talk, talk, talk!!!

This was my month to host and I was thrilled because I love fall and that's just what the theme was!
So we started with the food!

Sweet potato and corn muffins

Hot cider 

Honey butter for the muffins

My favorite Baker Michelle over at My cupcakery made these amazing cheesecake caramel apples !

 I had the best time decorating for our mommy night, One of my friends said " I never knew people decorated for harvest..." LOL! That was shocking and hilarious! That made me happy though, at least I could change one life this fall... LOL!
Here are some little lanterns I made out of recycled jelly gars

More lanterns made out of coffee and tomato cans, I love the way they turned out!

We all ate, laugh, cried, and talked some more!
Yeah we're total!  

Ahhhhhh! Bad lighting, my bad, sorry girls!

So glad everyone made It!

Thanks to all the girls who came out and we missed the ones who couldn't be there!



I am so blessed to be able to work in the youth ministry at  my amazing Church.
 Every three months or when there is something special coming up, we put on these huge outreach events. They are crazy! We go all out with dancing, skits, food, dancing, candy, and most importantly...The word! that's right Jesus! 
Over 500 youth showed up to our last remix, people were sitting on the ground because we ran out of seats! Now that's a good problem to have in a church,lol!
We had a sock hop!

Our next Remix is tomorrow and it gonna be so much fun! The theme is " Don't be scaarred!" It's a Pirate theme.
So I'll be sure to post those pictures but till then here's what we did for our last remix

 We transformed our youth cafe into a diner

 We served milk shakes at different stations
We hung up vintage pictures everywhere

I love happy days!

 This was my favorite

We sold in-out burgers 


Our Wonderful interns! They make this all happen

So cute! Christina and Tory Are going steady! 

We had a super cool car show out side

And the kid got all dressed up!



Some of our wonderful youth leaders

 Our truly amazing youth Pastors! Aren't they the cutest!

So the whole point is to tell people about Jesus! I can't wait to see how the next one go's!