Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun kiddy Lunch

Ever since Target sold those Adorable little birdie cafeteria style plates, I have been inspired to make lunch time fun! I make sure to fill every spot on the plate with something yummy and Healthy.

My Girls are vegetarian and I had ran out of veggie dog's that day ( Yeah I know they Don't look eatable, but my kids love them! hahaha! ) so I used what I had.

Pb & J  Banana Dog's!

They were Soooo Good! I had one too.
They can be messy, But so fun!
You could try to put the Pb & J into squirt bottles and make in look more like
" ketchup and mustard " that would be so cute. You might want to cut them in half for smaller hands , my two year old  
had a hard time holding it. 

They made a mess! but it was too much Fun!!!
They were so grateful, They kept saying " Thank you mommy, your the best mommy!" hahaha! 

It made my heart smile.


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I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes said...

oh my that is to cute! My son would LOVE this!!