Friday, March 18, 2011

Craft night!

I'm very blessed to have my very own craft room and I love to share it with my friends. I love inviting over some of the girls and create till we fall asleep.
We had a great time, laughing, eating delish cupcakes in our P.J's and making bows and head bands. Seriously, it was sooooo much fun

Chrisy and Nicole, My two favorite cheese ball's! love those Girls!

Yes I look crazy here, but It was like one in the morning!

I made some amazing cupcakes for Krista's birthday

 Happy Birthday!

 She was pretty happy.


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Ali Richardson said...

Looks like a super fun night!!! I would love to have my friends over for a crafty fact I sort of have one in the works. Yummy cucakes are a MUST HAVE of course ;)