Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I heart the Good Will!

I have Great News! Well, I think it's great news. I have to drive through three cities to get to a deceit Good Will store, so I don't go very much because I hate to drive. It's probably because there's always a child screaming and yelling in my car, Hahaha!
So the other day I see that there is a huge, giant, new Good Will store opening five minutes away from me!!! 
Could this have been better valentines gift from God? I think not! Really no one knows how much I love thrifting more then God. It was a kiss from Heaven! That might sound weird, hahaha!
Secondly, I finished my Jewelry hanger
This Is how I found it at the Good will a few months ago.
It looked like something someone made in wood shop in high school, It didn't really have a purpose.

It was this gold-ish color and it had this ugly crush velvet on it, but it was like $5.

 I decided to paint it white and switch out the fabric...

 I just traced and cut on to new heavy card stock. the original was done!

Once I spray painted the wood part and hot glued the fabric back on I thought to my self this would make a great jewelry hanger in my room!So I added some hooks.
 And so It did! I can hang up my bows and headbands too, I just made sure to NOT Glue along the edges of the fabric piece so that I could clip my bows on to the edge.

I must say I'm very pleased with the results! (Why I'm I talking this way? I must be watching way to much Jane Austin these days,hahaha!)
 I love it when a plan comes together!

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Ali Richardson said...

PRETTY!!!! What a good idea. Congrats on the git of goodwill! Hope it's nicer than the one by's icky!