Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tissue Paper dress

I saw this at the mall in a window display, How creative! I took a second glance because it was such a cute dress and I thought "I might want to try that on" Then i realized " it's paper!

Sarah xoxo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Workshop under construction

I remember when I first started this little venture of mine. I had no work desk or creative space besides my kitchen table, hahaha! No joke, that's where I think most home made business's start. Thank the lord I now have a work desk and a workshop room! My own Room! Dreams do come true... I offered to share it with my hubby but He is such an amazing Husband that He gave it all to little old me. I think He realized how much our two COMPLETELY different styles would clash and burn!
So now I have this room, I set up a very ruff, ruff ( used what I had around the house) draft of what I would like it to look like. I'll have to post pictures latter, but for now here are some of my inspiration rooms.

I don't really like the rooms that look like they came out of a catalog. Something a little more creative, It's supposed to be a creative space right? So it should start from scratch and it should take time to build a collection of things that inspire you to create!

For Me inspiration comes from so many places.

- The amazing God who has changed my life forever
-My husband, My girls
-My Beth, who spent six months in Uganda Africa taking care of babies no one wanted
-Things that don't make sense
-The nameless face's of girls all over the world, I think about them daily. I think about there hopes, dreams, their hearts. I wonder if anyone told them they were beautiful today. If they know how amazing they are?
-I remember it's not about me...

And then I create...

A little of this, A little of that...
Great idea! using the fruit hanger.

Shabby Chic, lovely...

Okay we should all know who this room belongs to and if you don't ,you should ask somebody!
I love the homemade look!

Sarah, xoxo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sister Rules

I've seen The ever popular Family Rule boards all over lately. There are so many wonderful variations from family to family. I set out to make one when  I found two left over canvas's that my Husband forgot he had, HeHeHe... I started thinking about a sister board! For my girls, it would look so cute to hang it in their room. We are slowly going through a decorating tune up in there and  needed some interesting art for the walls. This would always remind them how to treat each other and that sisters are forever.
Here are some examples of the family rules boards.

Now here's my little beauty...

I really enjoyed making this! I thought of all the things I wanted to say to them, some of the sayings we from other boards I saw. It was almost emotional and no I didn't cry ( I cry for everything, I can't help it my eye just leak! hahaha!) But I love knowing that they are growing up loving each other.
Even when they can't stand each other, They will have these words in their hearts.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Girls Just wanna have Fun! Highlights...

So "Girls just wanna have Fun" Was a success! The day Started with a wonderful message at church about Grace, perfect message for the day. Then me and the Family rushed home to pack up the car and Maddie and I were off. We had to stop at Starbucks, I promised Maddie I would buy her those little birthday donuts for helping me set up. She's an easy employee to pleases, Just kidding!
Then we headed over to you are beautiful salon to start setting up!
Some of our Beautiful helpers
This is our beautiful circut sign!
Welcome sign
This was my table
This explains why we do what we do to all our costumers and encourages them to change their world!

We had a small space but we made it work!

The salon set up in stations, hair, nails, makeup, glitter tattoos, and glitter extensions
Maddie got all dolled up!
A happy Customer!
What dress up day would be complete with out a Photo shoot! 
My Wonderfully talented friend Michelle brought her little beauty Bella, and did I mention she is an amazing baker! She made all of the cupcake served for the event.Check out all the goodies she makes over at mycupcakery 
She made Red velvet, vanilla, carrot cake, and chocolate from SCRATCH! They were so good, I ate way too many.
I was so blessed to be apart of this amazing event, 10% of all our sales went to Women of the World and I loved seeing all those girlie girls running around feeling beautiful!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting Ready!

So " Girls Just wanna Have Fun" Was amazing! We had such a great response from all the mommies and princess's. I have tons of pictures to show you but first, I wanted to post some very simple tutorials. I mean simple! Easy as pie! Anyone can do this, even you. I made some to decorate for the event and I first found them over at party love about a year ago when I made them for my daughters candyland birthday party. Anyhoo here's how you make them.
 I took some 12x12 scrapbook paper, It's best to use double sided paper with prints on both sides but I couldn't find any I liked while at Joann's. 
 Next I cut about 5-5 1/2 in into the paper at the corners. At this point you should decided which side you want to fold over, if you have double sided paper this won't really matter.
I used a drop of hot glue 
 Then folded over the paper, you'll want to alternate each flap of paper. Skipping every other piece then glue the other peice's
 And here is the finished pinwheel!
 I had to add some sparkle!
I made mini pinwheels just fun, why not who doesn't love pinwheels. I feel like a kids just thinking about them!