Monday, January 31, 2011

Consequence Jar

Hello Blog world!!! I've missed you! My computer got sick but it's much better now. 
I Wanted to share this Great idea with all of you. My wonderful friend Christian Thought of this one all on her own or that's what she told me. She was having some trouble making a point with her oldest daughter who was 10 at the time. You know that age, tween's!!!

You can't treat them like toddlers ( even though they are acting like one ! ) and you can't treat them like a teen yet either.
So she came up with the consequence Jar. She put all kinds of different consequence's in a plastic jar, Anything from cleaning the bathroom, wash the car, playing with your little sister outside for 30 min. without complaining!

My favorite one is " Go out side and dig a 2ft by 1ft hole in the ground and then fill it back up again." This might seem pointless and a little curl, But there is a good point and lesson. The point is ... It is pointless! Just like the tantrum they are throwing! 

It shows your child that there is no point to wasting time getting in trouble so don't do it again. 
I guarantee they wont do it again. hahaha!

Remember to have age appropriate consequences in each child's jar. This is a great alternative to timeout as they get older.

 Now before some of you start sending me hate mail, hahaha!
Let me just say I am NOT a child psychologist. I'm just going to try this out on my kids and thought it might help some of you. 
It's all about creativity!  

Let me know if any of you try this. 



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

homemade Play dough

Ahhh... Play-dough, Didn't you just love the smell of play- dough as a kid. Well let's be real I still love the smell of Play-dough, hahaha!

I thought it would be fun to make some with the kiddo's. My mother always made it from scratch when I was a kid. 

Right About now your saying to your self "why would I ever make play dough when I can buy it for like 99 cent?" 

I'm SO glad you asked! Here's The answer, You ready... Because It's FUN!!!
I Know, I know... Simplify and all that, but It makes you spend time with your kids and laugh. That's hard for me sometime ( Please don't judge me, lol )

It's pretty Easy it just calls for a lot of salt.
 Make sure you have everything set up before hand if you're making it with your kids, It just make's life a little easier. 

You can find the recipe here, But if you don't like it there are video tutorials on you tube also.

Here are all my ingredients 

The kids helped

Once we mixed the ingredients, we added color 

Patty Cakes, patty cakes!

All in all it was fun, I would do it again. Even if it is easier to just go buy some, hahaha!


Amazing Give away!!!

Listen up!!!
Design Dazzle is having an AMAZING giveaway right now. They are giving away a Silhouette Machine! It's a $400 value. For those of you who don't know what a Silhouette Machine is, Here's a link to check out the awesomeness

Then take you little cutie putootie over to Disign Dazzel to Enter this Once in a life time opportunity!!!

Okay that was a little dramatic,hahaha! 



Saturday, January 15, 2011

Feature Friday!

Okay so I know I'm late for Feature Friday, But it's technically still Friday. 11:53 pm still counts! hahaha!
I'll Just be fashionably late tonight, Because I'm featuring one of my Bff's post. Our very own fashion guru. Drea from Making styling simple

Drea loves to interview different people that inspire Her and find out what they're waring , why they ware it and where you can get it!

On this post She talks with Erica another amazing young lady That is creative in Her very own way.
She also talks about where to get this great style!

Check It out, Drea is truly Inspiring! 


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Freecycle Find!!!

I heard about free-cycle on another blog ( can't remember the name of it, sorry )
It's a yahoo group page for what ever area you live it. People just pretty much give things away. Anything really, books, t.V's, Baby items, Furniture etc.
So I picked up these!

 Hand made decorative books!They are so cute and they go perfectly with my little side table in my entry way.

I just had to pick them up! Not bad at all.

I'm linked up at Trendy pokets


New finds!

I finally Got To the new salvation army store that opened near me!
Every time I passed by it, I just knew there was rows of goodies for me to take home and up-cycle!
It was half off day , so I got an even better deal!
Why am I using so many exclamation points in this post? hahah!

Anyway this is what I brought back from My successful hunting's.
 I love The beautiful green color, This should be filled with wild flowers this spring. It was only $1.55

Not sure what to do with this candle stick holder, maybe I'll paint it. It was 75 cents

This was the big Buy, isn't it beautiful! It's the thing you grab like there was 100 people behind you racing to grab it too, but there really isn't anyone else there. Yeah I might have looked a little crazy but again no one was there to see, hahaha! It was only $1.50

I think I'll hang it up, I was tempted to paint it but it's too perfect the way it is.
So what have you found at the good will, salvation army or your favorite thrift store lately?  
I would love to see your finds!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Head Band

look What I did...
I love it! I got the band and gloves at Joann fabric's for $1. They Made a cute gift for a friend daughter.

I added my sweet pea bow and a little fabric rose. I love the color combo!

Here i just added some extra fabric, my Daughter took these for Herself, hahaha!


Feature Friday!

This year I Will be featuring some kind of DIY's on the cheap or up-cycle or whatever I find that makes me take a double look.

So this first Friday Of the year I am proud to share Rachel's Design on a dime over at Memories and mayhem , She has turned Her daughters room into an adorable little getaway for any little girl. 
Most of the items were free or cost very little

I especially heart Her paint job on this chair!


Super cute!

This crafty Gal gives you a rundown on how much everything cost and it's mind blowing how she did all of this for so little.

So go check it out!



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creative Bff's

Okay I'm so excited to announce My next Bff!
Let me introduce Andrea, She is another one of my creative hero's. 
The Girl is Obsessed no... Loves fashion!
Really anytime I look the least bit fashionable it's because of Drea.

Anyhoo Drea is super talented, she is a designer at heart and creates amazing Set designs for large events as well as event displays. She just has an eye for great design!

You can see more over at her blog 

Name: Andrea Ceballos
Age: 20
Occupation: 2nd year Youth Intern at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center San Bernardino CA

Hobbies: Creating, Reading, Writing, and Style, and blogging

My name is Andrea Ceballos. I’m 20, I have an amazing boyfriend who’s a man of God. I serve at an incredible church; I started going to The Rock 10 years ago. Going to church has been a huge part in my life, not only going to church but being the church. That’s why I've chosen to be a intern for these past two years. With that said, I feel I’m massively creative as well. I live, eat and breathe creativity! I want to inspire, I think that would be one of my main goals in life. I love, love, love styling! I have a blog as well; I share not only my styling tips, but the people who inspire me also. I talk about my inspiration and a little about what they do in life. As well as give handy tips about fashion and where to get that specific look. My main reason for my blog is to give hope to those who feel hopeless about their fashion senses, hehehe... Or as you would put it, putting guidelines to “Making Styling Simple.”  

Omg! She is too Funny!
Thanks Drea, We look forward to the new trends of 2011. 


Create something for nothing!

This is why I love old frames, this is why I love up-cycling!
It's a new lease on something most people wouldn't look twice at. 
Megan over at Brassy Apple Has taken Her post Christmas mantel and turned it into something that looks like it came straight out of a top home decorating magazine for next to nothing.


  Look at it, It's screaming " decorate me!"

 This Frame is a perfect display for that beautiful Silver platter and frame.

She even made these super cute sweater pillows,you can find the tutorial on Her blog and again it cost her a grand total of... nothing!
Great Job Megan!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fresh Start

Ahhh... I love a fresh start, I love Mondays, the 1st of the month, the start of a season or holiday.

It's just a chance to start over, be better, and try harder.
So with that said I'm happy to announce some changes to Strawberry Sky's!
I have some amazingly talented and creative Friends, some of them have blogs some of them are just to lazy to start a blog...You know who you are 
( Christina Gortan) hahaha! Just kidding! I know your busy : )

Never the less they have great ideas and projects to share, so I've asked them to join forces with me! From this point on we shall be known as...
"The league of extraordinary Creative Bff's!" 

Hahaha! No I 'm not gonna turn this into a comic book,although that would be AWESOME!

I just thought we are better together, This way we can bring you ton's more creative ideas, fashion tip, recipes,tutorials, Home decor projects, painting tips, Gardening, Healthy living, Homeschooling ideas, Design on a dime, up-cycling, cake decorating, and much much more!    

So all this week I will be introducing my Bff's, Starting with...
Name: Michelle Villanueva
Age: 28
Occupation: Mother of 2, wife of 8 years, youth pastor at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center is San Bernardino, CA and amateur baker.
Hobbies: running, baking, cake decorating, preaching, creating, set design and going to Disneyland!

My name is Michelle Villanueva. I'm 28, I have 2 kids gorgeous kids and an amazing husband. My husband and I are the youth pastors at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center is San Bernardino, CA. In between the titles of mom, wife, sister, pastor and friend I'm also an amateur baker. I have tons of fun with flour, sugar and fondant. I found my love for baking almost a year ago when I had my second child and I was getting a little stir crazy at home. I took some cake classes at a craft store and viola, I'm the cake boss!
Other hobbies I have are running, going to Disneyland with my cute little family, preaching, set design, drinking coffee (I'm not sure if that's a hobby but I sure do like it).
I am a very hyper active person, I don't know who labeled that a disorder, it's a gift! Without us hyper-hypos nothing would get done in this world! Jk. I love dreaming and creating things, that's most of what I do at church as a youth pastor. We do set design, while preaching we'll have illustrations, plan parties. It's the best job on the planet.

I love this Girl! She is one of My hero's, she's the best and I think You guy's Deserve the best!

We look forward to hearing from you soon Mich!


Monday, January 3, 2011

This Is My amazing church and a recap of 2010, I am so blessed to be a part of the move of God at the Rock church and world outreach center.


Crative Inspiration

I just watched an oldie but goody, blast from the past western. Do you remember Calamity Jane? It stared Doris day and I watched it everyday when I was a little girl,hahaha...

She was a doll face!

There was one part of the movie that changed my whole world at the tender age of 5, I think it really made an impression on me. To this day I believe that a woman's touch can make everything better! hahaha!                                    

I love it!!!