Monday, April 4, 2011

Ice art !

I Have recently found a butt load of great home schooling resource, Which has been most welcomed. Some of the blogs are design for homeschooling, some not. But that's the great thing about homeschooling, you get to pick and choose and find inspiration any where!

I was lucky enough to stumble on to this great little blog, the playing house .
I found a wonderful outside activity for those hot California days. Ice painting and My kiddo's loved!

It cost next to nothing, The only thing you might need to buy is the craft sticks, but they have those at any $ store.

So first....

You take four bowls with water.

Next you'll add regular 'ol food coloring to each bowl. 

Here's the yellow

Then you pour the color water into ice cube trays and put them into the freezer. Check the tray in about an hour and add a craft stick ( Popsicle stick ) into the middle of each cube.

I forgot to do this, I can't remember what kept me from remembering to check the ice trays... Ah yes! I was trying to kept My kids from eating sand, hahaha!

So I had to jam them in with what little upper arm strength I have. ( note: DON'T forget to put the sticks in)

So after the stick fiasco, we sat on our patio and let the fun begin!

And I enjoyed some lemon aid after My work out! hahaha!
Thanks to Stephanie over at the playing House!



Stephanie said...

Great post!! Isn't ice painting so fun!!!!! Thanks so much for linking back to me! said...

This looks like a lot of fun! Great idea!