Saturday, August 7, 2010

Strawberry Sky's Presents!

I love this new jewelry holder creation! well it's be done before by others, but we have put a Strawberry Sky's twist on it. I've been thinking about venturing into jewelery and I thought this would be so cute to go along with our jewelery.
 I added a sweet Pea bow as the strawberry leaves!
You can even hang your Hair accessories.

I haven't set a price yet, I 'm still checking out how much it will cost to make. Don't worry, It will up on our store page soon enough!

Sarah xoxo

1 comment:

andreaceballos said...

AHHHH!!! So this is what you've been doing well i was gone! hahah It's adorable! I would like one for my room! And this song made me think of you, and I'm glad it's on your page! Love you and Miss you!!