Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Don't turn away...

I know most of you have heard about child slavery and I know most of you have heard about Love 146, But if you haven't let me be the first to say it will change your life. I have this dream and maybe I'm crazy to believe for this, but most dreams start that way. I'm not the first to dream something like this or the last. There have be many before me. It's simple really, Take the talent God has given you and change the world with it. If  you think about it, It was never really yours to begin with. So why do we keep it for our selves? Our own benefit? For me it was being creative and figuring out how I could change the world with a tutu? Well I dared to answer that question, and even though we are a small business I wake up every morning knowing that some how I will choose to change my world.

Everyone has something to give...

Love 146 Has taken a horrible experience and has chosen to not turn away. I love this organization because they are choosing to change our world!     

Love146 History from LOVE146 on Vimeo.

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