Friday, August 20, 2010

Faith Frame

I Had this $1 Store Frame Lying Around, I really Didn't Have a picture I wanted to use for it
So I thought... Project? 

Nothing big, just something to get my creative juices flowing for the day.

I knew I wanted to do something to remind me of how I got this whole business thing started, Something to get me going everyday. FAITH was the word ! So I used my friends cricit and cut out the word faith in some left over scrapbook paper I had.

Then I ran out of modge podge , can you imagine!

   It's okay I pulled out old faithful, glue gun.
 Next I glued the letters to the backing of the frame. It worked out perfectly, I wanted to use a burlap back round but to my surprise the backing already had a cool looking texture!

I just glued on a sweet pea bow I had and now this beautiful reminder sits in my studio, it's where I started and how I continue!

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