Friday, August 13, 2010

Road Trip!

My wonderful friend Christina was asked to Speak at a youth conference in Visalia Ca last week. I was thrilled when she asked me to come because I would have hid in her car to get there anyways! It was only for one night but I didn't care, Do you think I would turn down a full nights sleep without  kids waking me up for the 100th time! Needless to say, I was so there!

I could not have been prouder of my friend, She has come a long way and God has blesses Her life. To see her share her amazing testimony with all those teens was, well you just had to be there! We had so much fun from the moment we set off.
  Perfect timing! 

We lived off of starbucks, hot cheetos, and red vines for the remained of the trip
We are so healthy!

The grape vine is so pretty...

I crashed when we got to the hotel...

On our way to the event!

There she is! All grown up and telling kids about Jesus!

 What can I say about this picture...
Okay it was a busy day, we were crazy tired, it was late and we were hungry ( have you ever noticed the  word hungry and angry are almost spelled the same way!) hahaha! I get a little grouchy when I'm hungry...
So yeah, Why not, why not look like dork's.
Anyhoo, I had such a great time! What could be better then one of my best friends and I ,in a car for 10 hours round trip! We had to have said at lease 100,000 words or more in conversation! 



andreaceballos said...

That's sooo Awesome!!! Jealous much!! hahaha

sarah said...

don't worry, we'll have road trips Too! lol!