Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Late night Tuesdays!

Welcome to confessions of a Mommypneneur. Every Tuesday night I stay up late, I don't know why it's always Tuesday night  it just happens that way, hahaha! Anyhoo It's my time when every one is asleep, I put away my work and veg on my favorite blogs. I know crazy right? hey, hey, This is a no judging zone ! lol!

I've decided to share my findings with all of my wonderful followers out there in blog land, so every Tuesday night , Some time between 10pm and 12am I will be posting some amazingly creative people.

This week Michelle At My Cupcakery , She is a friend but that's besides the point. This cake is so original! When have you ever seen a sound board cake? Never!

There's many more creative cake's where this came from!


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