Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New finds!

I finally Got To the new salvation army store that opened near me!
Every time I passed by it, I just knew there was rows of goodies for me to take home and up-cycle!
It was half off day , so I got an even better deal!
Why am I using so many exclamation points in this post? hahah!

Anyway this is what I brought back from My successful hunting's.
 I love The beautiful green color, This should be filled with wild flowers this spring. It was only $1.55

Not sure what to do with this candle stick holder, maybe I'll paint it. It was 75 cents

This was the big Buy, isn't it beautiful! It's the thing you grab like there was 100 people behind you racing to grab it too, but there really isn't anyone else there. Yeah I might have looked a little crazy but again no one was there to see, hahaha! It was only $1.50

I think I'll hang it up, I was tempted to paint it but it's too perfect the way it is.
So what have you found at the good will, salvation army or your favorite thrift store lately?  
I would love to see your finds!