Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fresh Start

Ahhh... I love a fresh start, I love Mondays, the 1st of the month, the start of a season or holiday.

It's just a chance to start over, be better, and try harder.
So with that said I'm happy to announce some changes to Strawberry Sky's!
I have some amazingly talented and creative Friends, some of them have blogs some of them are just to lazy to start a blog...You know who you are 
( Christina Gortan) hahaha! Just kidding! I know your busy : )

Never the less they have great ideas and projects to share, so I've asked them to join forces with me! From this point on we shall be known as...
"The league of extraordinary Creative Bff's!" 

Hahaha! No I 'm not gonna turn this into a comic book,although that would be AWESOME!

I just thought we are better together, This way we can bring you ton's more creative ideas, fashion tip, recipes,tutorials, Home decor projects, painting tips, Gardening, Healthy living, Homeschooling ideas, Design on a dime, up-cycling, cake decorating, and much much more!    

So all this week I will be introducing my Bff's, Starting with...
Name: Michelle Villanueva
Age: 28
Occupation: Mother of 2, wife of 8 years, youth pastor at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center is San Bernardino, CA and amateur baker.
Hobbies: running, baking, cake decorating, preaching, creating, set design and going to Disneyland!

My name is Michelle Villanueva. I'm 28, I have 2 kids gorgeous kids and an amazing husband. My husband and I are the youth pastors at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center is San Bernardino, CA. In between the titles of mom, wife, sister, pastor and friend I'm also an amateur baker. I have tons of fun with flour, sugar and fondant. I found my love for baking almost a year ago when I had my second child and I was getting a little stir crazy at home. I took some cake classes at a craft store and viola, I'm the cake boss!
Other hobbies I have are running, going to Disneyland with my cute little family, preaching, set design, drinking coffee (I'm not sure if that's a hobby but I sure do like it).
I am a very hyper active person, I don't know who labeled that a disorder, it's a gift! Without us hyper-hypos nothing would get done in this world! Jk. I love dreaming and creating things, that's most of what I do at church as a youth pastor. We do set design, while preaching we'll have illustrations, plan parties. It's the best job on the planet.

I love this Girl! She is one of My hero's, she's the best and I think You guy's Deserve the best!

We look forward to hearing from you soon Mich!


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