Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creative Bff's

Okay I'm so excited to announce My next Bff!
Let me introduce Andrea, She is another one of my creative hero's. 
The Girl is Obsessed no... Loves fashion!
Really anytime I look the least bit fashionable it's because of Drea.

Anyhoo Drea is super talented, she is a designer at heart and creates amazing Set designs for large events as well as event displays. She just has an eye for great design!

You can see more over at her blog 

Name: Andrea Ceballos
Age: 20
Occupation: 2nd year Youth Intern at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center San Bernardino CA

Hobbies: Creating, Reading, Writing, and Style, and blogging

My name is Andrea Ceballos. I’m 20, I have an amazing boyfriend who’s a man of God. I serve at an incredible church; I started going to The Rock 10 years ago. Going to church has been a huge part in my life, not only going to church but being the church. That’s why I've chosen to be a intern for these past two years. With that said, I feel I’m massively creative as well. I live, eat and breathe creativity! I want to inspire, I think that would be one of my main goals in life. I love, love, love styling! I have a blog as well; I share not only my styling tips, but the people who inspire me also. I talk about my inspiration and a little about what they do in life. As well as give handy tips about fashion and where to get that specific look. My main reason for my blog is to give hope to those who feel hopeless about their fashion senses, hehehe... Or as you would put it, putting guidelines to “Making Styling Simple.”  

Omg! She is too Funny!
Thanks Drea, We look forward to the new trends of 2011. 


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