Tuesday, January 18, 2011

homemade Play dough

Ahhh... Play-dough, Didn't you just love the smell of play- dough as a kid. Well let's be real I still love the smell of Play-dough, hahaha!

I thought it would be fun to make some with the kiddo's. My mother always made it from scratch when I was a kid. 

Right About now your saying to your self "why would I ever make play dough when I can buy it for like 99 cent?" 

I'm SO glad you asked! Here's The answer, You ready... Because It's FUN!!!
I Know, I know... Simplify and all that, but It makes you spend time with your kids and laugh. That's hard for me sometime ( Please don't judge me, lol )

It's pretty Easy it just calls for a lot of salt.
 Make sure you have everything set up before hand if you're making it with your kids, It just make's life a little easier. 

You can find the recipe here, But if you don't like it there are video tutorials on you tube also.

Here are all my ingredients 

The kids helped

Once we mixed the ingredients, we added color 

Patty Cakes, patty cakes!

All in all it was fun, I would do it again. Even if it is easier to just go buy some, hahaha!



Ali Richardson said...

FUN! Your girls are adorable! My son gets to help his teacher at preschool make it from time to time and he really enjoys it. I too love the smell, it brings me back to my youth :)

andreaceballos said...

You guys are tooo cute and creative!!! Makenna is getting sooo Big! ahh! Love you guys!!