Monday, October 18, 2010

Women Rock! Confrence 2010

So for those of you that attend the Rock church this post is extremely over due. I know , I know but better late then never!
This year we had an amazing theme to follow. World war two and Rosie the riveter.

With God we can do it!

This was the biggest Woman's conference we've had yet!
I was so proud of my amazing church. Our leadership loves and values women and the amazing role we play on the planet . 

I love helping out with the planning and decorating department and this year I got to help decorate for the huge massive "party under the stars "
I got to play an Andrews Sister on stage for our opening act!!!
So here is day one of Women Rock 2010!

 I arrived early to see that our foyer had been transformed to a massive history book into lives of amazing women that helped win the war! Our graphics department did an amazing job on this one!

 These were our amazing speakers and
 our store, with lots of goodies! 

Okay I love this book! It's so funny, real, and life changing. I was so happy when my hubby bought it for me.

 Here are to of our wonderful youth interns!

Now into the main Sanctuary to get ready... 

  I couldn't get too many shots because they were still setting up.

The opening act was amazing! the message was amazing! Christine Cain tore it up!
Then it was out to the party!

Of course everyone dressed up...

The idea for the center pieces was a good old fashion
"victory Garden"

These vase's were covered with the leg part of jeans

We made these out of old jeans, Styrofoam,sand,and coffee grounds

and mason lanterns

The food and refreshments tried right in with the theme,
we had yummy root bear floats, kettle cooked chips and mini sliders.


So after this amazing night we still had a full day ahead
so I called it a night. 


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