Friday, October 29, 2010

Homemade Harvest Goody bags

My Little Madie had her costume party at school this week.
She looked adorable as always...
I love to send her to school with things that not every other child is going to bring from target or wal-mart, but I understand that I would throw away anything "homemade" looking if I didn't know the person that made it. 
So I Made these cute and very simple goody bags for her to pass out as I enjoyed a cup of cider, that usually doesn't happen. There is usually a kid or two hanging from my back when i try to do anything, hahaha!
 But that day my hubby was home...

 Hot cider makes everything more enjoyable, even laundry!

Here they are! I just used sandwich baggies from the $ store ,fall scrapbook paper,and my sewing machine to make the zigzag stitch.

BTW... If you didn't know that you can sew paper, you can!
It really adds a great detail to any paper craft!  

Kinda blurry, sorry! I so need a new camera, but thank you Jesus for the one I have!


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