Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet pea birthday!

My darling girls both have their birthdays in September so we usually have a double party.
This year we fell in love with Veggie tales "Sweet pea beauty" movie.

The message is so great, so I had no problem with this new role model.  Now to whip up a last minute, budget friendly party...

  This was fun and cheap to make, $ store find I just spray painted pink and put out to set the mood for our pink and green sweet pea party!

  Our yummy menu included " bob the tomato soup", "Larry the cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches", veggies and dip, and cheese spinach dip. Of course there was tons of candy and sweet treats!

 This was the cake! Thanks Michelle It came out great, check her out at my cupcakery.
Yummy Strawberry cake, with FRESH strawberries!

This was our sparkling party punch 

okay this is the most refreshing drink you can drink, cucumber water!

  the girls enjoyed the punch more then the water, more cucumber water for the mommies!

 Maddie and the girls


It was suppose to be an all girl party but how can you resist these two cuties!

Time to blow out the candles!

Then presents!

Makenna really had no clue what was happening but she had fun playing with the tissue paper, hahaha! 

Thanks to all of Madie's and Makenna' s  friends for making their day so special !


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