Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rest and Relaxation ! day2 cont.

Madie needed a break from the baby pool... so she hit the spa!

 Silly girl

This was so relaxing!

Makenna tried to make a break for it when she thought we weren't looking...

She loved the waterfalls

That night Madie and I went out by the pool for some big girl hang time.
She's so into that right now, it's so cute! 

It's very rare when she flashes a big smile like this when there's a camera in front of Her. Isn't she crazy beautiful!!!

Later that night, we had a surprise!

Madie Lost another tooth!

And this picture, well it's just stink'in cute! 

On the way home the next morning there was a small sand storm, but it was still a beautiful drive.

Even though it was a small vacation, it was much needed and much appreciated!


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