Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Workshop under construction

I remember when I first started this little venture of mine. I had no work desk or creative space besides my kitchen table, hahaha! No joke, that's where I think most home made business's start. Thank the lord I now have a work desk and a workshop room! My own Room! Dreams do come true... I offered to share it with my hubby but He is such an amazing Husband that He gave it all to little old me. I think He realized how much our two COMPLETELY different styles would clash and burn!
So now I have this room, I set up a very ruff, ruff ( used what I had around the house) draft of what I would like it to look like. I'll have to post pictures latter, but for now here are some of my inspiration rooms.

I don't really like the rooms that look like they came out of a catalog. Something a little more creative, It's supposed to be a creative space right? So it should start from scratch and it should take time to build a collection of things that inspire you to create!

For Me inspiration comes from so many places.

- The amazing God who has changed my life forever
-My husband, My girls
-My Beth, who spent six months in Uganda Africa taking care of babies no one wanted
-Things that don't make sense
-The nameless face's of girls all over the world, I think about them daily. I think about there hopes, dreams, their hearts. I wonder if anyone told them they were beautiful today. If they know how amazing they are?
-I remember it's not about me...

And then I create...

A little of this, A little of that...
Great idea! using the fruit hanger.

Shabby Chic, lovely...

Okay we should all know who this room belongs to and if you don't ,you should ask somebody!
I love the homemade look!

Sarah, xoxo

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