Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sister Rules

I've seen The ever popular Family Rule boards all over lately. There are so many wonderful variations from family to family. I set out to make one when  I found two left over canvas's that my Husband forgot he had, HeHeHe... I started thinking about a sister board! For my girls, it would look so cute to hang it in their room. We are slowly going through a decorating tune up in there and  needed some interesting art for the walls. This would always remind them how to treat each other and that sisters are forever.
Here are some examples of the family rules boards.

Now here's my little beauty...

I really enjoyed making this! I thought of all the things I wanted to say to them, some of the sayings we from other boards I saw. It was almost emotional and no I didn't cry ( I cry for everything, I can't help it my eye just leak! hahaha!) But I love knowing that they are growing up loving each other.
Even when they can't stand each other, They will have these words in their hearts.

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