Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring window seal and lavender water

I heat lavender! My lavender bushes are in full bloom and they are breathtaking. So I decided to bring the spring inside.

I love soaking lavender in water for an hour or so. You can make your own lavender water ! Just make sure you clean the lavender when you bring it in, and don't use it if it has been sprayed with any kind of pesticides, and make sure there are no bugs on them. Then soak the leaves in some filtered water .

It's so refreshing! I'll have to do a tutorial on it.
This is just a random shot of a little nook in My kitchen, I'm pretty proud of it. 
It was a complete mess, before I clean it up.( I won't show you pictures because it's kinda embarrassing, lol! )

My aprons were thrown over the side of my fridge, my old broom was always falling down. 

 It's amazing what a new pretty broom and some $ store hooks can do.
I hated My old broom. This one is colorful and I feel pretty when I use it! 
I think you should  always try to surround your self with pretty things. I think it makes your day run better.

 Here's a picture Madie made when she was 5, I love That She made sure to add a Mr. Sun shine! I heard some where that if Kids draw a sun in their pictures, It means that they are in in a happy and healthy life style.

I don't think I'll ever take this off My fridge, not even after the girls are married and gone. Madison made it last year for fathers day and  I think It inspires their father and it's just precious!


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Sarah @ said...

We love lavender too! I only have one small plant right now because the neighbor's dog kept peeing on my other ones and eventually killed them SIGH, but I'll be planting more soon and I hope that next year my house looks like yours with lavender all about! =)