Monday, November 1, 2010

My new favorite pastime

My new favorite pastime is roadkill rescues! 
Beckie over at infarrenty creative got me started, She's my roadkill hero! hahaha...
Really she is so creative and has a great eye. Most people will see a piece of junk on the side of the road and pass right by. A road killer will see a project! 
Anyhoo you should really check out her blog she has some inspiring project.

It's funny I use to wish I had tons of money to blow on furniture, now I just take solid older furniture that someone threw out and make it beautiful!
Thanks Beckie!

So This is My first trash to treasure project, enjoy!

So my Husband brought this home for me, It was getting dumped and he called to see if I wanted it. Isn't He amazing... I love that man! He knows me so well, my hero! 

It was in really good condition, nice light wood.

I decided to use bin primer and then bulls eye red, the red was kinda bright but I planed on using a glaze to tone it down. .

It was a little dirty, but a little elbow grease never hurt anyone.

So after some minimal sanding, two coats of primer and three coats of bulls eye red paint here is my beautiful "new to me" bookcase! 

 I love the way this little set up looks!

 I made these lanterns out of coffee and soup cans.

 So earlier I said I was going to use a glaze, well I lied. Hahaha, I did distress it a bit, then I just used some brown paint I had, a dry paint brush and a damp rag.

I would paint some brown over a spot then wipe with the rag. It's not perfect but I like it

it looks really good in all the little groves

ahhhh... I feel so accomplished


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