Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Harvest wrap up

Okay, Okay...I know October is over but i still have more to show you and technically harvest time
is not over yet. I know this is the month to get all excited over Christmas and don't get me wrong, I totally get the whole get an early start thing but let's just enjoy Thanksgiving!

November is really the only month that California feels like fall, so I wanna savor every moment .
So here is my recap, well more like all the pictures I haven't posted yet hahaha!
time fly's...

We went to the Green spot farm pumpkin patch . It was so much better then the over priced, giant, commercialized pumpkin patches around these days. 
It's so cozy! 

They had some great produce

I  love it! they had beautiful Peacock walking around the farm,
I so want one for my back yard...

I love them too much!

We found chickens!

Next we went to the honey house where our tour guide " Tony "
Showed us house they make their very own honey.

There's a queen in there somewhere...

Then we fed some adorable animals



 We had a snack before we went home, it was a great little pumpkin patch!


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