Monday, November 1, 2010

My mom cave

I just checked out some of the beautiful mom caves over at Between naps on the porch and their Home Goods give away. I must say they put my cave to shame! hahaha!
That's why I need to win this give away!

Here it is...

Okay so It's more like a work room then a mom cave,
It just needs a little love.

Let's take the grand tour, shall we?
We begin with my work space. Here I do everything from sewing, scrap booking, and any other random craft.   

This is the pile of fabric, bows, buttons etc that is forever on my desk

Here is my very uncomfortable chair

 This is supposed to be my reading corner , I would love a comfy chair here in stead of this old dorm room folding chair. 

Storage needs to be pretty in a mom cave...
I need help here 

This is the next stop

I Hate this file cabinet, i tried to make it better by painting it with chalkboard but i still hate it

This is my other storage, an old changing table. I would love a pretty book case.

  It would be nice to have a place to show off picture.

 This is the only light I have at night so a pretty lamp would be nice!

 Maybe something like this....

I hope I win!!!!!!!


Healthy Bite Dog Treats said...

I wish I had a spot to work! lol, I have a card table I have to bust out with a folding chair EVERY TIME I want to sew! It's so annoying and very uncomfortable too! lol!

I pray you win! You deserve it! You are too creative to be held back! Love you!

ButterYum said...

Hahaha... thanks for your honest comments about your blackboard painted cabinet.


Rene said...

I do love the lamps. Good luck with your mom cave.


Roberta said...

Ah have a great room with good space and bones and the color is very inspiring. I love file cabinets and so miss room here at the Love Shack. Perhaps if you put it next to your table so that the magnetic side could be an inspiration board ;) A comfy chair to sit in and a good working chair on wheels is a must for being creative. Best of luck in the giveaway, fondly, Roberta

Renee said...

hey the room has "good bones" and you will make it beautiful!