Tuesday, May 10, 2011

free comic book day 2011

My Husband Is amazing!
He has started a comic & multimedia company with another nerdy friend of His, and this was their first event. I was so proud of Him. I almost cried as I watched Him sitting and encouraging others to not give up on their dreams to become an artist, because there were so many times He almost did. 

God has blessed Him with a gift like I've never seen and Louis has chosen to not give glory to Himself but to God.

It was so amazing to meet all the artist and feel the love. No one was competing, They were all there for the love of it. I must say , I think I'm turning into a nerd! lol!

He was feature on a really cool blog, I was honored when Monica Briano ( who is an incredibility talented photographer and video editor ) featured Louis. check Her out at monicabriano.com, to see the post on the event.


Here's some picture that I took..

 Lou asked Me to make some bows, like the one his Character London Day ware's.

 This Was Our model " The Beautiful Rosee " she Was gracious Enough to pose with fans for a picture, And she was a perfect pin up.

 This is My favorite little guy Henry, He couldn't decided weather He wanted to be batman or spider man! lol!

 We had a great time with our New friends Rosee and Abniel,they were so much fun and we were so happy to have them be a part of this. Sorry about Lou's face. He apparently thinks it's funny to NOT smile in pictures, lol 

 Here are the partners, Shane & Lou. So different yet so alike, lol

So excited to see what God will do through this!



vanessa said...

AMAZING!!!! With talent like that and the God we serve the possibilities are endless. Much love Guevera family

Sarah said...

Vanessa, thank you so much! Your right there is no limiting a limitless God :)