Friday, February 18, 2011

80's Party!!!

Who doesn't love the 80's!?! Well I guess those of you who had really bad hair cuts back then would, hahaha! Okay,okay just kidding. 

I Mean really! Pretty in pink, Punky Brewster,Sixteen candles,The rubic cube, The Go Go's, Nintendo, Saturday morning cartoons! the list go's on and on!

So why not throw a 80's party for my niece's 8th birthday!

It was really just an excuse for them to play dress up and act silly , Cute!

 We had Strawberry lemon-aid cupcakes, Delish!

  I was getting the table ready when I thought to myself..."This looks kinda Cheesy." Then I remembered that the 80's were cheesy!

 I decorated the cupcakes with nerds! I forgot how good those little guys are.

 It's not a party without gum ball!

The gum that keeps on giving... I love the little jokes!
Yes, Michelle this is your platter sorry I haven't given it back yetHahaha.


I was so glad that my local $ store had a bunch of Lisa frank party favors, That's what inside the boxes.

 The pompom's came out great!

 Here's the tank top and headband I made for her present!

So we had a blast!

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