Thursday, December 10, 2009

We're back!

Wow so much has happened! First I lost my camera so needless to say There hasn't been very many post. Then my daughter comes down with a really nasty Pneumonia and gets admitted to the hospital. We spent two weeks there including Thanksgiving there. Found the camera but who wants their picture taken when you don't feel good. In the middle of all that I was kicking of My small but very cute, handmade children' s clothing and accessories business. Strawberry Skies, I opened at a craft Expo with over 3000 women. We did great. We made baby onesies, headbands,pee pee tents, handmade hair clips,And Tutu's. The tutu's were a hit we got so many orders. I need to put pictures up, just need to find the time. There are so many creative women out there, I feel like I'm not doing anything special but there was totally a market for my product in my area! so I'm digging my heals in and we'll see what happens.

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