Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Candy corn and toddlers on the brain

Ahhhh!!! I missed you blog world! September has been a busy month for me and the family. We had two birthdays, a women conference, vacation, and then a huge event for our youth at our church. On top of all the my youngest daughter just turned TWO!

Now I know all you optimistic, the glass is half full people call this next year of our lives the " terrific Two's!" Don't get me wrong, I'm a pretty happy-happy, joy- joy,  faith speaking person but can we just call it like it is. Something happens when they turn TWO.....
It's like when they turn thirteen and you just wanna stick them in a deep freeze for a few years or just until the attitude wares out, HaHaHa!

I don't know where my Makenna went! lol!

On a lighter note Candy Corn is back!!!
Oh how I love Candy corn, it means fall is here and you all know how I feel about fall...

There's so much you can do with the little candy!
It warms my heart, I have so many projects planned with candy corn in  mind for this fall. 
I'll keep you posted!

Happy Fall




Alexandra said...

Found you on DID and and am now following your blog. Can't wait to read more, stop by EEAD if you get a chance:

Erika said...

Love your blog Sarah! super cute ideas!