Friday, June 11, 2010

Girls Just wanna have Fun!

So I have Great News! Strawberry Sky's has been invited to be a part " Girl's Just Wanna have Fun!" Spa tea day. I'll be getting together with a Friend that owns her own salon ,you are beautiful salon to plan " Girls just wanna have fun!" A little girls spa tea party! They have the cutest glitter hair extensions, Make up, and
body glitter. We will be selling our tutu's, sweet pea bows, headbands and hand made tee's as well. Its such a great cause too. Of course 10% of all our sales will be going to Women of The World. The Girlie's will be able to Make their way through the spa, Then try on a tutu and its off to the tea party, where a Photographer will take their pictures. So sad this is only for little girls, wish I could get pampered, hehehe! So I gotta get to work, the Big day is July 18th at 1:30pm. You know what that means ... Shopping in LA! Woo-hoo! Even though its just for fabric and stuff like that, I have the best time in Down town LA, With my Girl Kerri. Its so Funny, We are so obsessed with tulle, we get  butterflies just thinking about all the things we can make!ha ha!

So enough talking! Here are some pic's of my little model, she got to try out all the cool stuff we'll have for the spa!

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